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What is the Transatlantic Civil Society Dialogue?

The Transatlantic Civil Society Dialogue was a process for civil society organizations in the European Union and the United States to provide input into the EU-US Development Dialogue on policies addressing the security and development nexus, particularly around fragile states, peace- and state-building.

The Transatlantic Civil Society Dialogue was facilitated by the Global Public Policy Institute, InterAction and Saferworld. It was was co-funded by the European Union from February 2013 until April 2014.

Read the Recommendations

The dialogue project concluded its work with a set of recommendations on four priority issues: 1) Address-
ing political, social and economic drivers of fragility 2) Supporting the "New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States" 3) Conflict, violence and peace-building in the post-MDG framework 4) Improving the EU-US Development Dialogue.

Read the recommendations and learn more about the EU-US Development Dialogue here.