The Transatlantic Civil Society Dialogue was centered on two participatory, civil-society driven workshops and continuous engagement of relevant stakeholder in between the meetings. Two workshops, one held in the EU in May 2013 and the other in the US in fall 2013, each brought together around 30-40 European, US and international civil society representatives complemented by academics and experts.

Berlin Workshop

The workshop in Berlin took place on 30-31 May 2013. The conference, entitled “Finding Common Ground on the Security and Development Nexus”, developed the first set of draft recommendations on critical priorities in the area of security and development. Three parallel working groups provided time and space to brainstorm, cluster and prioritize issues for further discussion. This approach proved valuable in generating recommendations and leading to concrete results at the end of the conference.

Washington DC Workshop

The second workshop, which took place from 14-15 November 2013 in Washington, DC, reviewed the draft recommendations from American and European civil society organizations on improving EU-US cooperation in fragile and conflict-affected states. Beyond strengthening the draft civil society recommendations, the workshop aimed at strengthening the processes of engaging policymakers. Participants discussed how an emerging transatlantic community of civil society organizations can and should engage the official EU-US Development Dialogue around the recommendations; how to best utilize outcomes; and what this civil society process may need in addition to the briefs for effective advocacy.